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A HEAVY RAIN WATCH is current for areas about and west of the Main Divide commencing late Wednesday (23/04/2014) through to early Thursday (24/04/2014).

A HEAVY RAIN & GALEFORCE WIND WATCH is current for areas about and west of the Main Divide on Friday (25/04/2014). Snow is expected to lower to 1000m during this storm cycle.
Notes: Heavy Rain Warnings are issued if a storm might deliver in excess of 100mm of rain within 24hrs (or 50mm in 6hrs), please be aware rivers in Arthur's Pass will flood given only 20-30mm of rainfall.
Galeforce Wind Warnings are issued if a storm intensity may exceed 90km/h winds at 800m ASL.
A Watch is displayed if a storm's intensity prediction hits a "Moderate" level of forecasters confidence.
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North Webcam
North Webcam
West Webcam
West Webcam

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Weather Outlook (730m)
23 Apr

3 / 11ºC
24 Apr

8 / 13ºC
25 Apr

3 / 14ºC
26 Apr

2 / 11ºC
27 Apr

2 / 10ºC
28 Apr

5 / 11ºC
29 Apr

2 / 9ºC
30 Apr

5 / 12ºC
1 May

5 / 12ºC
2 May

5 / 13ºC
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Arthur's Pass Forecast (10 day)
Canterbury High Country (5 day)
Severe Weather Outlook
Weather Underground (APNP)

Moonrise 1:12hrs
Moonset 14:47hrs
Sunrise 7:14hrs
Sunset 17:46hrs
(All times NZST)
Satellite Image
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General Conditions & Avalanche Risk
Wednesday 23/04/2014: (Updated 1529hrs) Cloud about the Divide; rain is expected to develop late afternoon and become heavy by evening.

Rain clearing tomorrow morning but cloud increasing again during day with further late rain developing. Heavy rain about the Divide on Friday accompanied by NW gales at all levels (may be some lower level snowfall during the night as winds turn SW). Fine on Saturday, gales abating. Rain redeveloping on Sunday with northerly gales.

Climbing conditions are Marginal / Poor today with areas of poor visibility on the tops and rain expected to develop about the Divide from mid-afternoon.

Autumn is bringing the first snowfalls; these are unlikely to stick or build until late May, though ground temperatures are falling and some glacial features will become dangerously obscured.

Most ridge routes are now their "standard" summer choss condition, with bouts of fresh snow on occasion.

Glacial routes in the Park have been reported back as accessible - however rope-up for glacial travel as things are starting to open, and "bell-shaped features" or thin bridging can be common! Remnant gully ice is undermined by water.

Safe climbing for 2014!

  • Castle Hill Peak (1998m)20/04/2014
    Castle Hill Peak (1998m)
  • Foggy Peak (1741m)20/04/2014
    Foggy Peak (1741m)
  • Mt Cloudesley (2107m)20/04/2014
    Mt Cloudesley (2107m)
  • Mt Enys (2194m)20/04/2014
    Mt Enys (2194m)
  • Mt Torlesse (1961m)20/04/2014
    Mt Torlesse (1961m)
  • Avalanche Peak (1833m)03/04/2014
    Avalanche Peak (1833m)
  • Lyell Peak (1828m)03/04/2014
    Lyell Peak (1828m)
  • Mt Bealey (1836m)03/04/2014
    Mt Bealey (1836m)
  • Mt Philistine (1967m)03/04/2014
    Mt Philistine (1967m)
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Rome Ridge03/04/2014
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Rome Ridge
  • Carrington Peak (2010m)02/04/2014
    Carrington Peak (2010m)
  • Mt Aicken (1858m)31/03/2014
    Mt Aicken (1858m)
  • Mt Cassidy (1850m)31/03/2014
    Mt Cassidy (1850m)
  • Mt O'Malley (1703m)31/03/2014
    Mt O'Malley (1703m)
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) -  Crow Face31/03/2014
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Crow Face
  • Mt Armstrong (2110m)30/03/2014
    Mt Armstrong (2110m)
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Otira Face30/03/2014
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Otira Face
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Otira Slide30/03/2014
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Otira Slide
  • Mt Temple (1913m)30/03/2014
    Mt Temple (1913m)
  • Phipps Peak (1965m) - South Face30/03/2014
    Phipps Peak (1965m) - South Face
  • Mt Greenlaw (2315m)29/03/2014
    Mt Greenlaw (2315m)
  • Mt Harper (2222m)29/03/2014
    Mt Harper (2222m)
  • Mt Lancelot (2112m)29/03/2014
    Mt Lancelot (2112m)
  • Mt Murchison (2408m)29/03/2014
    Mt Murchison (2408m)
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Avalanche Danger - LOW
  • Travel Advice: Generally safe avalanche conditions. Watch for unstable snow on isolated terrain features.
  • Avalanche Activity: Small avalanches in isolated areas or extreme terrain.
More avalanche assessment detail - Click Here or visit
Park Shot

20/04/2014: Torlesse Range ("The Gap", Red Peak, Mt Torlesse, Back Peak) - Korowai Torlesse Tussocklands Park
(photo provided by Graeme Kates with thanks)
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Getting High

3/04/2014: Paul Corwin surveying the way ahead to the south ridge of Mt Franklin (2145m) - APNP
(photo provided by Sally Widdowson with thanks)
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Park News
  • Cass-Lagoon track has windfall trees between Hamilton & West Harper Huts.
  • Taramakau River route has major landslips in headwater, Locke Stream hut no longer has a emergency radio, fallen trees & slips on Otira flood-track, and emergency shelter at Taramakau/Otira junction has washed away.
  • POO POTS are great (sold at Arthur's Pass VC) but they cannot be disposed of in the Arthur's Pass sewerage systems; also DO NOT put them in our waste bins; YOU CAN put them in long drop toilets at one of the huts or campsites.
  • The Poulter Valley track between the Mt White Road and the Browns Creek (Park Boundary) has large washouts, very difficult access by 4WD to Park boundary (Note: Must enter the Poulter riverbed to access). Foot & mountain bike OK access.
  • Lower Otehake swing-bridge has been removed permanently by DOC!
  • The lower Styx River route has severe damage - only accessible safely at low water (must cross).
  • The "bad boys" are back Both in Arthur's & Lewis Pass areas - Vehicle breakins are common place at car parks / Park entry points, leave no valuables in vehicle or park vehicle securely elsewhere; notify Police of any suspicious activity (take registrations)!
  • The Otehake Valley has severe damage (very slow going).

Local Weather Station Data
Update: 23/4/14 21:00hrs NZST
Sunrise: 7:14hrs
Sunset: 17:46hrs
Temperature: 6.7ºC  (Falling)
Temperature (Low): 3.1ºC
Temperature (High): 11.1ºC
Wind Chill: 6.7ºC
Humidity: 100%  (Rising)
Barometer: 1014.7mb (Falling)
Wind Speed: 0.0km/h
Wind Direction: WNW
Wind Gust: 82.1km/h (13:14hrs)
Cloud Base:  730m ASL
Freezing Level: 2061m
Daily Rainfall: 1.52mm
Hourly Rain: 1.27mm/hr

Rainfall: 1.27mm
High Rain Rate:  1.0mm/hr @ 20:49hrs 23/04/2014
Temp Low:  6.7ºC
Temp High:  6.7ºC
Wind Gust:  0.0kmph @ 
Dom.Wind Dir: North
Barometer Low: 1014.7mb
Mt Rolleston (Goldney Ridge) 1800m
Alt. Temp: 1.9ºC
Alt. Windspeed: 35.7kmph
Alt. Wind Chill: -4.5ºC
Alt. 3 Day Rainfall: 14.1mm (Today: 0.2mm)
Storm Snowfall: 0.0cm
Snowfall Intensity: 0.1cm/hr
Snowpack Depth: 0.0cm
7 Day Snowfall: 1.8cm
Click Here for further snowfall data.

Fire Danger Board
Click Here to view full weather station details.
General Information
  • Waimak Flood Route: DoC has reinstated (and rerouted) the Waimakariri flood route from Anti-Crow River to Greenlaw Creek which was severely damaged in the 1994 earthquake. It still has some issues that may cause the waimak to cut it off!
  • Huts:The New Hawdon Hut is located upstream of Discovery Creek confluence below Walker Pass incline. Sudden Valley, Pfeifer, Poulter and East Hawdon Bivouacs have also been replaced. Hallejulah, Thompson, Waterfall and Top Cox Bivouacs have been permanently removed. Upper Cox Hut has been removed. Mingha Biv is to remain, it will be maintained by the Coast to Coast Race.
  • AP Club Huts: Please note that NO ONE in Arthur's Pass Village has the door codes or keys to the NZAC, CMC or WCAC club huts, please get them before your arrival!

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